Can you face yourself in the mirror when your pupil wins again while purposely manipulated into a lower class, or in a lighter weight category or both? Are you happy when your pupil wins at the cost of an opponent kicked so violently he cannot walk properly for a day or so? Proud when your pupils yet again refuse to greet and congratulate their opponents when they lose? Are you delighted when you write another roaring article on your website about how good those pupils are?

Tycho van der Werff is done with it, and SNJF have opened the discussion on coaches and judokas manipulating the sport for their own benefit whereas Special Needs Judo is, and always has been, a group event aimed at self-empowerment of judokas and living the two tenets of Master Kano to the fullest. Some years ago, the “I” era set in and the leading SN coach in The Netherlands is now trying to turn the tide and open the discussion with a flaming article on the SNJF website.